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You may need to contact Mainroads Western Australia and possibly Western Power or Horizon Power to arrange for permit/s. The permit/s will provide a list of conditions relevant to your load and trip route. It is important that all conditions on the permit/s are met.

Additionally, the load vehicle needs to be appropriately signed and beacons and delineators must be used where necessary. Check the links below for assistance.


There are load vehicle speed restrictions in all states of Australia. It is important to abide by these restrictions.


Ensure your truck driver is suitably qualified and has the appropriate training, licensing and accreditation where necessary.

Before the move...
Some useful links...

Complete the form and we'll do the rest.


Although some of our work takes us out of phone & internet coverage, rest assured, we'll get back to you real quick.


Our rates are in line with industry standards and are fully disclosed before we move.

Whilst working as a Pilot we assume a level of responsibility for our clients, their workers and the general public. We are scrutinised by various government departments and the public. As a result we take our role very seriously. We do not and will not cut corners for the sake of getting the move on the road! 

Safety is our primary focus with most decision making hinging on what will produce the safest outcome. We work closely with our clients through the planning process to avoid common pitfalls. Issues such as weather and road conditions, load security and route planning are integral to an efficient move and a positive outcome.

Based in Western Australia our work is metropolitan Perth, regional centres and remote outback locations. As such our vehicles are set-up to cope with harsh conditions and days, or perhaps weeks away. We are not a 'cowboy' style operation. We adhere to industry expectations and guidelines in regards to training, documentation, driver apparel, signage and vehicle warning lighting.

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